Monday, November 19, 2012

The coolest solution to curing bud to ever have been invented! The CVault

Storing marijuana ('bud') over long periods of time can be grueling on the herb product itself. It will lose 70% or so of its cured humidity. You need to keep it in a special type of container called the CVault, built to keep the weed fresh and cured. The Cvault comes in various sizes measured in ounces to work with bud amounts.  In our comparison case study without the CVault dried up and was covered in a dust that brought the high down. The marijuana contained in the CVault container produced wonderfully, amazing aromatic liquid sticky buds over the same periods of time. FreshStor has invented a masterpiece. In fact the Boveda Humidipaks (included) are built with cannabis humidity percentages in mind. The airtight steel container of the CVault guaranteed the best cannabis quality possible.

Original story by Link Diva reporter Alice Rubin

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