Monday, May 19, 2014

Brake-O-Rama Shows Toyota’s smartphone on wheels!

Toyota wants to be “Fun” again! The staff at our Brake-O-Rama Auto Repair & Tire shop in Elizabeth New Jersey love to work on Toyota’s. Henry, our New Jersey “Brake Repair Specialist” found a very interesting article about a great new Toyota concept car! Check it out the article!

Toyota unveils Fun-Vii concept, a rolling smartphone on wheels

By Justin Hyde | Yahoo! Autos 
Every two years, Japanese automakers turn the Tokyo Motor Show into a cavalcade of the bizarre with concept cars that resemble nothing else on earth. Meet the latest addition: theToyota Fun-Vii, the car that surrenders to distracted drivers by turning itself into a smartphone.
The exterior of the Fun-Vii eschews paint for an electronic display for photos or videos; the unveiling shots show one presenter using the door panel as an iPhone-like touchscreen. Same goes for the interior, which Toyota says would blend traditional car navigation with augmented reality. And the Fun-Vii would connect with other vehicles and the environment to warn of driving dangers or just for fun, because everyone likes to status update on Facebook while driving.
Whether three people shown joyously riding in the Fun-Vii would actually enjoy such a ride will remain a mystery; there’s no chance Toyota will build something like this. But the Fun-Vii does highlight the insecurity of major automakers, who see a generation of young people worldwide staring, touching and spending on their iPhones the way they once did on cars.
One answer might be to build more compelling vehicles, something the staid Toyota will attempt with the upcoming GT 86, which will be sold in the United States as the Scion FR-S. Shown this weekend for the first time in production guise, the rear-wheel-drive coupe built with Subaru‘s help will aim to revive Toyota’s reputation for low-cost sports cars. Powered by a 197-hp four-cylinder engine and weighing just 2,662 lbs., it’s the most anticipated model Toyota has built in years.
Toyota and Subaru engineers wax rhapsodic about the steps they took to make the GT 86 — and its
upcoming mechanical twin, the Subaru BRZ — as nimble as possible, like mounting the engine so low in the chassis that it can’t use Subaru’s all-wheel-drive system.
It’s a risk for Toyota chief Akio Toyoda, a racing enthusiast who wants to breathe fun back into Toyota’s vehicles following years of ever-more conservative designs, but the Fun-Vii and the GT 86 show how hard he’s trying to connect.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Blessed with the nice fortune of being successful toward helping those less lucky!" Words from the billionaire who saved a city

When one thinks of the term “business savvy” many names return to mind, Zalman Silber is one of them. Since his employment at New York Life Insurance Company, Silber has taken the world of business by storm, exploring varied aspects of business together with virtual entertainment, monetary services and administration. 

“I am forever extraordinarily gratified to see my business visions come to fruition and blossom into successful enterprises,” says Silber.

Silber was featured in Inc. magazine’s A way to Get Your First Great Idea; the article highlighted the origins of his multi-million greenback entertainment business. Originally, Silber was an agent of the New York Life Insurance Company, located in New York’s famous Empire State Building. Witnessing the constant rush of individuals crowding the elevators to see New York’s skyscape, he developed the concept of simulated helicopter tours of the Massive Apple.

The results of this innovative idea was the tourist attraction known as the New York Skyride. The charm of the concept was thus nice Silber raised $6.a pair of million during a stock giving that befell prior to the ride being built. In keeping with Inc. magazine, Silber said, “The lesson within the story is,
take advantage of and profit from existing infrastructure.”

Zalman Silber’s love for entrepreneurship is evident through the institution of businesses, including Tower Entertainment, Inc. Located in New York and Australia, this international company focuses on the operation and development of next generation entertainment facilities. Another acclaimed attraction created by the corporate is Sydney Tower’s Skywalk, a forty five minute walk with an eagle’s eye view of the city.

Not solely does Silber dabble in the shrewd world of business however his various lifestyle is in the globe of philanthropy where his reputation precedes him. As a firm believer of education, giving back to the community and remembering one’s roots, Silber provides money and moral support for many educational establishments like his alma mater Columbia University’s Sy Syms Faculty of Business where he has served as an adjunct professor. His volunteer extends across the seas to Meor Hatorah, one in every of the biggest organizations of its kind in Israel in its mission to spread the teachings of the Torah within the Jewish world. Silber’s involvement additionally extends to organizations and people in want such as Shvilim and Nachal Novea.

“I have been blessed with the nice fortune of being successful enough in my many business pursuits to apply a bit of this wealth toward helping those less lucky than I,” says Silber. “I am a firm believer that if every human being did his or her part, the globe would actually be a far higher place.” Silber serves the human experience with a magnitude of attention creating him a leading entrepreneur and humanitarian.